Ship traffic

Scheduled shipping traffic in Alta

An overview of ferry and speedboats and freight routes to / from Alta. [updated 2019-12th december]

Alta is a freight port with good conditions for boat and freight cargo loading.

Our terminal is operated by about 5,000 freight trailers a year, and shipping of sand, gravel, stone and asphalt is also significant in Alta.
Alta Havn also has special quays for receiving oil and cement products,  with a large cement silo and main tank plant of Cirkle-K in Finnmark, as well as shipping from Finnmark Gjenvinning AS.

There is an extensive construction activity on roads, tunnels and bridges, within industrial and residential / commercial buildings in this part of Finnmark, where Alta Havn is an attractive hub with a large crane and truck capacity for delivery over the quay. Alta as a winter destination for cruise passengers has been a success for the last 10 years.


Nor-Lines is docking with its ships at the Alta Port Terminal. Contact Nor-Lines about shipping
The new Snelandia combo expressboats have a crane and cargo deck. Contact the vessel going on the route you will be using. You will then be informed of crane and load capacity.


  • Route 310 AltafjordXpressen to the safe places in the Altafjord, from the Alta Express boat terminal, and call Storekorsnes - Hakkstabben - Altneset - Kvalfjord and return to Alta.
  • Route 340 School route in Rognsund / Rognsundruta from Kvalfjord to Pollen - Altneset - Hakkstabben on signal, on to Storekorsnes and on return it goes to Hakkstabben - Altneset - Pollen and Kvalfjord. Ruta corresponds with the VargsundXpressen at Storekorsnes. 
  • Route 330 VargsundXpressen goes Alta - Storekorsnes - Hammerfest. The route has two rotations per day.
  • Route 410 Stjernøya to Sibelco Lillebukt with corresponding boat to / from Øksfjord. The route has three rotations per day. Operated by Barentsnord AS and operated by "MS Nefelin V". Contact aboard +47 940 01939

All timetables for speedboat, ferry, bus and contact list for vessels are downloaded here


In Alta there are two ordinary ferry connections, both at RV 883 on the east side of the Altafjord.

  • Route 550 Korsfjord- Nyvoll with ferry M / F Jøfjord, tel. 995 83286
  • Route 530 to Årøya: Mikkelsby - Kongshus with the ferry M / F Skaget operated by Altafjord Oppdrett AS, tel. 901 996771.


There is a free shuttle bus from Alta Expressboat Terminal for travelers to Alta Airport and to the city center
Daily routes from Alta to Hammerfest, Lakselv, Karasjok, Kautokeino, Tromsø.


Alta Airport is 700 meters from the Alta Expressboat Terminal.

See Arrivals and Departures at Alta Airport here


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